Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weaving The Rainbow

I like playing with color! 

My husband tells me that I can't have too much yarn. How can I create beautiful designs if I don't have all of the colors of the rainbow to choose from? I love him! So, I am forever adding to my stash. 
The photo below is of a guitar strap I made a few years back. It was inspired by a yarn bomb discovered in Santa Cruz, CA.   Read that story HERE.  While it includes all the colors of the rainbow plus a few, they are not in typical rainbow sequence. 

Once upon a time, I decided to use up small bits of may colors by creating a rainbow using as many shades of each color as I could find in my stash. 
As it turns out, I put together these 22. 

Several people, having seen photos of the first one, have asked me to make them a 
version of it.  This one is slightly different. I never want to make any two exactly alike. 

For the one I just finished this month, here's what the yarn selection looked like when I started. I swapped out a couple of colors after taking the photo. Then, once I started
 weaving there were two that just seemed too dark. So, I unwove, replaced them
 and moved the order of a couple of others. It was worth it. 

Really like this one! 

It looked amazing on the loom while I was weaving! 

Here are few other straps which have used some version of the rainbow.

The one below with diamonds just sold last month at the Tempe Guitar Show. 
It was woven in a pickup pattern using the horizontal bar background. 
One shed was all black and the other shed incorporated red, orange, golden yellow, 
yellow, yellow-green, green, blue-green, blue and purple. 

The below strap was a custom order inspired by an album cover from the band MGMT, called "Electric Feel". It also uses black as the background color with a pickup pattern. 
This pattern was done on the "Basketweave or Baltic" threading.

Below, this strap, also a custom request, used 5 of the 6 colors of the rainbow, 
 but with the 6th, red, being replaced by pink.

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  1. Beautiful colors! And I love that your husband says you can't have enough yarn!