Monday, April 4, 2011

Handwoven Dishtowels in 16 Varieties

'It's Your Turn To Dry The Dishes' by TandRHandweaving

Wonderful handwoven dish towels will make the task of drying dishes a pleasure. The more you launder handwoven towels the softer and more absorbent they become. Handwoven is lovely to look at yet strong and long wearing! Hey, it's your turn to dry the dishes!

Handwoven Cotton Country Dis...

handwoven cotton dish towell

Finnish Lace Towel

Cabin Series II - Aspen Leaf...

cool cream. handwoven towel...

Jumbo Blue,Green and Pink Co...

Handwoven Towel in Double Tr...

Sunshine Tea Towel II

Handwoven Chefs Towel Blue a...

Lavender and Gray Tea Towels...

Handwoven waffle weave kitch...

Handwoven kitchen towels - S...

handwoven dish towel

Magic Houndstooth Hand Woven...

Kitchen Towel - Handwoven

Rustic Linen Towels- pink st...

This Etsy treasury was amazing and amusing to me. 
I was surprised to see how many red dish towels there were. 
Sure makes the task at hand more fun, right?


  1. Lovely towels, so much prettier than the ones I use! :)

  2. A great round up of different weaving patterns. I'm lucky enough to have some handwoven tea towels but I never dry dishes with them. They end up on the table or in trays because they look and feel so great!

  3. And I tend to avoid red because it ran away on me once in the early years!

  4. What a beautiful treasury!!! Thank you for including my towels! ;) You're a gem;)

  5. Beautiful!! I need to try weaving some towels.