Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunny Studio Morning

Navajo Weaving, Pots, Basket, Weaving and Carving from Mexico

Welcome to my studio! 
(Which also happens to be the living room in the house that I currently share with 3 other family members. I've never had a dedicated space for weaving; it happens in various rooms of the house depending on who is here using what room for what purpose.)  On a sunny day, this room is full of light beaming in through the floor to ceiling windows of which 1 1/2 walls are comprised.
It makes my heart sing!
The walls that aren't made of glass are covered with inspiration. I invite you to come in and have a look around.
Navajo and Chimayo Weavings, Various pots and Carvings
Chimayo Weaving

Chimayo Weaving, Gourd from Mexico, Rooster Carving from Local Santa Cruz Artist

Navajo Pottery

The Two Most Important Creative Bookshelves

What's on the Loom Today Seems to Reflect Colors in the Rug

Baskets Overflowing with What's Next

These ladies are here to remind me that I share an ancient tradition with weavers in many cultures, in many times.

With gratitude to all the artists who have contributed to my treasured artifact collection. And to all forces that combined have given and nurtured my weaving talent and this space in which to practice my craft!


  1. Beautiful, Annie. You are going to be right at home in that New Mexico house! Weaving appears to be less messy than jewelry fabrication, but it could just be me. :-) Your space is warm and colorful--and relaxing I trust.

  2. This is charming and looks like a wonderful place to weave. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks cozy and inviting, and all of those windows would have my heart singing too, I love tons of light! The project you're working on is beautiful, love the colors! :)

  4. You Studio tour has been a feast for my eyes this morning! Apparently, we are attracted to many of the same areas of artful expression! I felt right at home.

  5. Love all the rich colors! And I know that feeling -- my studio is just a corner of the playroom .By the way, your'e getting me inspired to take a look at my inkle loom that I haven't touched yet; been too busy on my triangle looms..

  6. Beautiful collection and displays of textiles and inspiration. I love the colours on your new band also.

  7. Beautiful! I have dibs on that appy horse pottery. Where did you find such a lovely piece! Everything is displayed perfectly and what a wonderful assortment to draw inspiration from. I'm with Evelyn, the band on the loom is great.

  8. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and visiting my studio! I do love my handmade stuff! The sash on the loom seems to have a widespread appeal and I appreciate all of your lovely comments. I'll have to remember that color combination for the future.