Saturday, April 24, 2010

Amazing Internet Connections! (Made of Money- Part 2)

This is an amazing story of connections made possible only through the internet.
Part one is this story I wrote on the blog last July about a guitar strap that I made for a friend, even though she had long since passed away. Please take a moment to read it, or re-read it and then come back to hear the happy ending.
Part two:
Last month, I received an e-mail message from someone who was a good friend and roommate of Amanda's. She wrote "I miss her so much and have moments of unbearable sadness because I, like all of her friends, did not get closure with her death. We did not have an opportunity to gather, grieve or celebrate her life. Amanda visited me in a dream last night (not the first time!). So, this morning with Amanda heavy on my mind I wanted to find something, anything about her and “Googled” her name. Your post was the only thing I could find and it is perfect. It fulfilled my need to connect with anything Amanda. Something I've been searching for since her death 21 years ago." She went on to say that she had a friend who reminds her of Amanda and plays guitar in a band where she lives. If I wanted the strap to get used, this friend would use it, give it a place in the world and let it be a tribute to Amanda.
So, I put it in the mail to her.
Here is the friend's response:

"Thank you both for the very cool guitar strap, that not only looks
fab, but has all that energy & herstory in it! I put it on my guitar
Friday night & rocked out. Comfy too."

So, here's to Amanda Fayre Naden who has touched us all. May she know that she is being fondly remembered.

To see the guitar strap on stage with Yoli of the band Redbud, check out this video.


  1. You told me this story after it happened, but I'm wowed by it all over again after reading this. What an amazing moment of connection. I'm sure Amanda would be warmed by the knowledge that her memory is being honored in this way.

  2. What a great story!! I'm sure Amanda is watching 'her' guitar strap being used and rocking out right along side.

  3. Wow, great story! Thank you