Monday, March 8, 2010

My Flickr Photo Album

A fun way that I have discovered to interact with people on the internet is to look at each other's photos on Flickr. I belong to several groups there, and can see photos posted by people with similar interests. (Some of you reading this know who you are.)
It's amusing to see what others find interesting in my photo stream. Flickr will give you statistics if you are interested to see who has been looking at what.
Recently I decided to look at which photos have had the most views. Here are the top 5 as of this week.

"Family Love" is a portrait of me and my kids with henna tattoos.
Left to right: Eric, Max, Lalani, Natasha, Me

Closeup of t-shirt yarn being woven into a guitar strap.
This was when I first discovered that a t-shirt could be made into yarn. Thanks to Etsy seller, NorthStreetCrochet, for this beautiful tie-dyed skein.

My son, Max, and I at the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous in June of 2009.

A pair of shoes, purchased at a quilt show, made from molas.
Molas are made by the Kuna indians of Panama and used primarily for women's blouses.
Of course, I had to weave laces to match.

My personal collection of red sashes. Some were woven by me and the rest are from native weavers of Guatemala, Peru, Mexico and the Southwest.

You can visit my Flickr photo albums here.

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