Thursday, October 19, 2023

New Video! Inkle Weaving Basics: Tricks and Tips for Warping and Getting Started

 As a teacher and mentor, I have observed new weavers asking the same set of questions as they first start out. In this video, I demonstrate the basics of warping and answer some of those questions.

Tips include some things that even experienced inkle weavers may not know like:
  • How to use a quick-release knot to secure the beginning of your threads to the loom while warping
  • How to change colors as needed with only one knot per color
  • What is the proper length for heddles and how to test it
  • What loom makers don't tell you about taking the shortest path and how to prevent the warp from slipping
Also, there is a valuable tip in here for the thing that inkle weavers seem to struggle with the most: getting nice edges! Once you know this, you can eliminate the lumps and bumps forever!

If you want some free patterns to try out look here:

The intro of the video shows me weaving a very colorful pickup band, and since someone asked, 
the pattern is below. 


  1. I appreciate the practical tips and actionable advice you consistently provide.

  2. Graciasss..muy agradecida estoy buscando informacion por todos lados ansiosa de poder aprender
    Se agradece si alguien me comparte algo