Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Working With Variegated Yarn in Inkle Weaving

EDIT: Since publishing this post almost a month ago, I have seen photos popping up on Instagram from all over the world!! Please scroll to the bottom to see how others have been using this tip!
This beautiful skein of variegated cotton from Schaefer Yarn was recently given to me. I love the colors so much! I took extra time and wasted a little yarn in order to line up the color changes in my warp, creating a sort of faux ikat look on this guitar strap. 

 The interaction of color at the transition points is so interesting! 
Of course, they don't line up perfectly.  

I started by winding the original loop from the skein into a ball so that it was easier to work with when warping my loom. 

 Since the length of my warp loop did not correspond with the size of the original loop of yarn as it was dyed, it took some playing to get the color changes to line up on the loom. In this video, I show how I did it. 

Here are a couple of other examples of pieces I've woven in the past using this same technique.

And, in these pieces, variegated yarn was used totally at random, not taking care to line up the colors. 

Woven by Marta Tokuyama, Japan

Woven by Marion Verloop, The Netherlands

Woven by Anthony Flynn, Ireland


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  2. very interesting, nice job.

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  4. Thank you for the video. The bands are beautiful

  5. Hello Annie, I hope this message finds you doing well. I found a picture of a vintage guitar strap from the 70's I believe..? I really love the colors and design of this strap but, it isn't sold any more. So, my question is; Is there a way to look at a close up picture of a woven guitar strap and from that create a pattern so that someone could weave it using the same colors nowadays? Thanks for your wonderful talent, time and channel. Keith in Carolina

    1. Hi, Keith! Those 70's woven straps had some very cool designs! They were woven by automated machines with fine threads and very few of them can be recreated by hand on an inkle loom. I've done a couple which capture the essence of the original designs, but are not exact copies. If you want to chat more about this, please send me an email to iweavestraps@gmail.com

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