Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Good Trade

When I had a booth at the Albuquerque Rail Yards Market last summer, 
a very interesting customer walked in to it. It seems we share a love for color and pattern. 
She is Diane Kidman of Pueblo & Co., a very talented bead weaver and pattern designer.
She has two shops on Etsy, one where she sells her beaded jewelry here:
And this one where she sells her patterns, beads, beadlooms and supplies:

Being admirers of each other's designs, we decided to do a trade. It was hard to narrow down my choices, but I finally selected the design below. I love it!

This inspired me to design some of my pieces using her color combination.

Below are two sides of the same guitar strap. Loving this bright combination! The strap is for sale here in my Etsy shop:

Diane selected the belt below from my other Etsy shop ASpinnerWeaver

She designed a bracelet to go with it, using my colors. 
The last time I saw her, she was wearing both. How cool is that? 


  1. Elizabethstreeter21@gmailFebruary 29, 2016 at 12:16 AM

    So glad you were both able t do a swap love both of your works and trading is the way it should go

  2. It was indeed a great trade! I wear my belt all the time, and I just love it.