Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Guitar Straps and Guitar Shows

When you are committed to making each strap different than any other, it leads to lots of playing around with color combinations and patterns. I'm having a ball! I've been weaving mostly guitar straps, so at least I'm using similar weight yarns and 70 to 80 warps to make 2" wide straps. Getting used to that combination makes the design process easier. I think, and those who have known me for a long time agree, that I'm doing some of my finest designs ever. Bright colors have my interest. Here are a few photos of some recent work.
For a closer look, you can click on any of the pictures to make them larger.

Last weekend we went up to San Rafael and set up shop at the California World Guitar Show.

 It is inspiring to be in a room filled with guitars and I especially like the crazy colored ones, or ones made of beautiful woods. I asked one vendor if I could pose a strap with one of his guitars because it just kept grabbing my eye as I passed it. They go well together, don't you think?

On February 1st, a show will open here in Santa Cruz at the R. Blitzer Gallery featuring guitars which are locally made. The purpose behind the exhibition is to showcase the fine work of our local community of luthiers (builders of stringed instruments). I've been invited to participate in the opening reception, which will be on Saturday, February 1st. You can visit the event website for more information. I'll also be on hand at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History on Friday, February 7th with some of the luthiers and local musicians. There will be a concert in which 12 instruments made locally will be demonstrated by fine players. This ought to be grand. And it's all free. Read more about it here.

Since blog posts have been few and far between in the past year, I'd like to invite you all to where the action is. If you are a Facebook user, you can follow along with me there where I post regularly.

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