Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inkle Weaving an Etsy Treasury

'I have an inkling!' by TandRHandweaving

I have an inkling you might like a handwoven band. What a wonderful way to introduce hand weaving to someone. Inkle looms are fast to set up and get busy creating a hand woven textile.

Handwoven Adjustable Guitar ...

Floor inkle loom in maple

Violante - Hand Woven Inkle...


Guitar Strap , Handwoven, On...

Knee Paddle Tape Weaving Loo...

Woven Sash for Historic Cost...

Inkle Loom

Tablet Woven Guitar Strap

Tape Box Loom-Hand Crafted

Homemade Inkle Strap, Rainbo...

Mini Inkle/Cardweaving loom

Very Long Hand Woven Inkle B...

Handwoven Leash for the Dog ...

Treasury tool supported by the dog house

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  1. Annie, thank you for sharing my inkle weaving treasury.

    All the best,