Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Color Challenge- Yellow!

Recently I received a message asking if I had any yellow sashes for sale. Hmm. No.
I don't use a lot of yellow in my weaving, personal wardrobe or surroundings. It's a perfectly good color that I maybe ought to pay  more attention to.

So, I took this as a challenge, adding yellow (or it's cousins yellow-gold and straw) to several pieces. Here they are in a collection. I like them.

Then, since I had yellow on the brain, I decided to look for it when I was out on my morning walk. Guess what? It's all over the place in very interesting shades on a multitude of objects that I see every day. I walked  around the block where I live and in that short distance I photographed 58 yellow objects, 28 manmade and 30 in nature. The mosaic below is a random representation of these objects.

There are some terrific pieces that I've woven in the past in which the yellow dominates. 

Even though there is a lot of purple in this dance sash, the yellow really stands out, right?

Custom Camera Strap
This custom strap was woven to match the gentleman's hatband which had "greasy yellow" beads. This color was commonly used  in the old west and particularly favored by the Sioux.

And here is someone who just makes yellow look cool, my daughter, Natasha. 

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  1. Yellow is a wonderful color! I have it in soft pale forms all over the house, although I can't wear it well..but touches of it are okay. And yes, your daughter makes it look very cool!