Monday, June 27, 2011

What's on (and off) the Looms This Week

Yesterday, I finished this strap. It started out to be a belt, but, since I didn't calculate epi very well, it will now have swivel hooks sewn on the ends and become a shoulder strap for a laptop bag, briefcase, or luggage.
 The question is which side do I want to show on top?
 Please leave me a comment and tell me which side you like better. 

This is what a finished shoulder strap looks like with my briefcase.

These two pieces are samples for a project that will become pocket trim for shirts. If it works out, you will be hearing more about it. It's kind of exciting, really, The one on the left is two inches wide, what the customer originally asked for, and the one on the right is one inch wide, what we agreed would work better. This is a winning color combination and I like both pieces very much. The one on the right uses #10 crochet cotton for the background and 5/2 pearle cotton for the black pattern. My time test this morning told me that I can weave about 18 inches in an hour. I think I underbid the job. I've gotta stop doing that!

After digging around in my handspun stash, I decided to use some of this yarn. I wonder who made it and what they thought it would be. It is a single ply made from two colors of rather coarse wool blended together at random. They didn't bother to take out burrs and other plant matter. I pulled about a half dozen large burrs out as I wove, and have been picking little sticks out after the fact. 

Don't you think it's pretty, though? 
It went into the Etsy shop and I think someone will like it to wear as part of an historic costume. 


  1. I love that earth tone one....richly textured. I'm still hooked on the triangle loom as I'm getting ready for a show, but would like to find some time for the inkle. tough now with summer and kids home though...

  2. Tough one! Both sides are pretty but if I HAD to choose, I'd probably choose the side with more black.

  3. Love the handspun sash. Can't live without it! Just placed my order! And hopefully no one has beat me to it!

    So many beautiful colorful weavings here. Love the lime green - eye candy!

    The first strap - no wonder you are asking for help! Very difficult choice. At first, i was going to say the side with more red. But now, I am thinking the side with more black. Seems to have more drama and contrast.