Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inspiration for a Sash

Last weekend I decided that something in my library just had to give!
Although it was rather painful to let go of my magazine collection, I took stacks down to the local library to put in the "free" section. As I was loading magazines onto the shelves, I saw this copy of American Indian Art with the beaded and quilled moccasins on the cover. According to the notes inside, the moccasins are probably from an Iroquois tribe and made somewhere around the early nineteenth century. Quickly, I snatched this magazine up and returned it home to the library. I'm not giving this one away!

Back in the winter of 2002 when this issue arrived at my house by mail, I was taken by this photograph on the cover.  Just look at the subtle colors of the quillwork, and the lovely beadwork which complements it. The many rows of beads and quills together make for an interesting and busy pattern overall. It was inspiring!
So I went to my yarn stash and selected some wool yarns in colors that I thought captured the essence of the moccasins. Then I wove this 6" wide sash. My husband wears it with his mountain man garb.

Mountain Man Sash Detail


  1. Good thing you found this magazine before it was given away!

    Your weaving is lovely. As are they all.

    You are a very talented lady.

  2. The belt is so beautiful as is the inspiration.

  3. Hi Annie,
    It's funny and dear to see how the one thing you needed from that whole stack still came to you! And good for you for cleaning out and blessing the world with your riches....