Monday, February 28, 2011

News Flash! Inkle Weave-Along on Ravelry

Since many of this blog's readers are interested in inkle weaving, I wanted to share with you an opportunity to weave-along with a group of inkle weavers on Ravelry.
 It sounds like fun! Ravelry is free and there is an established  inkle weaving group there. It's not just for knitters and crocheters anymore.


The weave-along  will start March 1st and is open to all skill levels; all types of inkle and warp-faced weavers are invited.  Here are the guidelines as stated by the ringleader, Marsha Knox, AKA Pandula Arts
  1. We would all use cotton.
  2. I would like to shoot for at least 3 in. width if your loom will accommodate, if it won’t do 3 in. just try to go wider than your comfort zone.
  3. I would like for everyone to try to make a longer length than they have in the past.  Maybe max your loom.
  4. Any technique you want to do is okay. From plain weave to very complicated.

    Some suggestions are: Plain weave, double weave,inlay, soumak, picots, stripes or combs. Or maybe you just want to work on warping technique and keeping your edges tidy. Marsha is asking everyone to share lots of photos along the way. The WAL will continue to around the middle of April, unless everyone is having too much fun and wants to keep going.

    All of the photos in this post are the work of Marsha. Looks like she's learned a few tricks on the inkle loom!
    I especially admire the double weave strap above which she wove for her friend, Krafty Max.

    Since I am in production mode right now and working on getting up inventory for the Etsy shops and upcoming events, I'm not sure that I will be keeping pace with the group, but I'll be looking in and commenting for sure.

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