Monday, March 1, 2010

Fabulous Fiber Arts Weekend!

This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend two amazing fiber arts events.
I don't knit or quilt, but thoroughly enjoyed seeing the wonderful art from creative minds and talented hands who do.
On Saturday it was the "Stitches West" knitters convention in Santa Clara. OMG! Talk about color and yarn! This was the place to see it. I have always ignored this event in years past because I don't knit. What was I thinking?! Do I love yarn as much as any knitter? Yes! I used remarkable restraint and only purchased a few things.
How could I resist a yarn called Milky Whey, made from 50%Soy and 50%Milk? I couldn't! It's really soft.
This recycled Sari Silk yarn was different than any I had seen before and the colors reached out and grabbed me by my creative throat.

Then, I thought this cotton came in nice colors and was so inexpensive.

Just for fun, I have been telling myself that I want to try crocheting. So here is the beginner's book I chose. If you have any other suggestions, please advise.

And did I ever tell you that I had a particular weakness for jewelry? Lathe artist Jon Sauer of Pacifica, CA was there with his hand-turned buttons. This one has been turned into a pin/pendant. It has a fimo clay center. His work was truly amazing and unlike anything I have ever seen before. I wish his website was up and working; I'd put a link to it. Maybe later.

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