Sunday, December 27, 2009

What Shall I Call My New Shop?

This past year my Etsy shop has gotten a lot of my time and attention. I think it is fun to sell on the internet and learning how to do it well is an ongoing process.
I have learned a little about HTML code, taking photographs, SEO optimization, tracking visitors, tagging, writing descriptions, how to give good customer service, etc. There is room for improvement in every category.
The shop mostly features my modern day things like scarves, guitar straps and Ugg boot bracelets. Yet, I have a whole other "body of work" that is for historic re-enactors.
This includes sashes and straps for rifles, powder horns, drinking vessels, possibles bags, etc. It is mostly geared toward Mountain Men & Women portraying the Fur Trade Era; however, the some of the items also fit with Renaissance, Civil War, and other periods. To make it easier for these folks to find my wares, I want to open a second shop. Since the shop name will be what search engines will pick up, I want to name it with common terms used by this group of folks.
So the question is: If you were looking for a sash or strap for a period costume, what words would you search?
To see a collection of folks in period clothing using my woven goods, look at my Flickr photo album from the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous

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