Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Gift of Art

"The Gift of Art" is the name for a show currently running at the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center in lovely Ben Lomond, CA. This art center is a very active place run by an all volunteer group. I have been a member for several years and am grateful to be the beneficiary of this hard-working group of artists.
Shows last for 1 month and have a theme. Most shows are open to anyone. If you have an item which fits the theme, you show up on take-in day with your artwork, pay your fee, and you're in. This makes it possible for the average person to have their work displayed in a gallery. If you enter something in the show, you are asked to put in a 3 hour shift as host and sales clerk. Fair enough.
The current show is an annual one, and one of the more successful shows for the gallery. The idea for this one is to include items that will make affordable holiday gifts. I entered scarves, camera straps, ornaments and bookmarks. Yesterday, I spent 6 hours doing my volunteer time in the gallery. Sales kept me busy most of the day. Late in the afternoon, I took some time to snap a few photos.
The most amazing part to me is that the curators never know until take-in day what they are going to get. Yet, they work with whatever shows up and have the entire show hung and ready in 3 days!
Here is a little stroll through the gallery.

The show runs until December 20.


  1. Looks lovely. How is it working out for you?

  2. Well, I think the show has been successful so far for the Art Center. While I was there on Sunday I sold a lot of things. Not many of my pieces have sold yet. It always feels good to participate in these shows, though. Great group!