Friday, March 6, 2009

Remembering my Mother

Nancy Leigh Baird Spinner
December 14, 1927 to March 6, 2008

It has been a year since my mom passed away. She was remembered by most for her wit and storytelling abilities. If the story wasn't so good, she could embellish it. It was sometimes fun to hear her tell people what I was up to. My life could be much more interesting that way. She loved people and could engage anyone in a conversation. As kids, our friends would come over and end up talking to her and ignoring us. "Mama Spinner" was a neighborhood favorite. A local college student once came to interview her as part of a oral history project. He stated that "Her amusing antidotes...delightfully entertain as well as fully enlighten one as to the moral, political and social climate" of the time.
She was a dedicated mother and family came first. Her creative outlet was writing and I wish she had taken more time for that. What I remember was that she wrote a weekly astrology column for a local newspaper under the name of "Ms. Stonehenge". She was wise and gave me good advice.
The one piece which I don't seem to be able to follow is that "red, orange, and purple don't go together. Sorry, Mom!


  1. What a lovely tribute to your mother!

  2. Ann, I couldn't have described her any better. We were all blessed to have her in our lives.

  3. seems like I remember a picture of you sporting a similar haircut and a diaper (in the younger photo)

  4. Oh Annie,
    This is such a wonderful piece of writing AND storytelling. I sure your mom would be proud of it.