Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pinterest, Anyone?

Who out there has discovered Pinterest?  I did only recently because my niece invited me to join.
I had no idea what I was getting into although I was warned that it's addicting. It is the fastest growing social network out there today.

Handwoven dish towel by Marilyn Webster 

Woven bacon sandwich

So, what is Pinterest?  Blogger, Katie Kavulla summed it up well on She Knows.
"You know when you're browsing online and see something you love and don't want to forget? What do you do -- email it to yourself? Print it out and put it in a binder? Bookmark it on your computer? Now there's a simple way to compile all of the great things you find online -- from clothes to DIY home ideas to inspiration for your bathroom remodel -- on Pinterest!"  Follow this link if you would like to read her full explanation. 

Woven photograph by D. Walters 

And this post by RandomCreative suggests great ways to use Pinterest constructively including research, brainstorming, bookmarking, collaboration, sharing, inspiration, networking, promoting work of those you admire. So how do I use it? At this point I am still bouncing around the site discovering things that others have "pinned" and hoarding beautiful images and inspirations from all over the web. If done properly, one can click on the pinned photo and be taken to the original website from which the image came. This has led me to some very unusual finds. I am impressed by the creativity of artists and have a new interest in unusual use of materials and installation art pieces. Check out a few of these amazing finds!

Woven Glass "Winter Twilight Kimono" by Eric Markow & Thom Norris

Woven fabric by Choi Jeong-Hwa decorates the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

"Penelope", a recent exhibition by Tatiana Blass, is a storied installation.

This sculpture by  Janet Echelman  is suspended in downtown Phoenix, AZ.
The photos you see here are all part of my pin board entitled "Handwoven Things That I Admire".  Check it out to see more traditional, ethnic, beautiful, absurd and interesting woven objects.  Or view all sorts of things with patterns or colors that I find inspiring. And the collections have just begun!
Pinterest is still in the beta testing stages and it requires that you have an invitation to participate. If you would like me to invite you into this crazy world, please send me your e-mail address.  But, be warned that it is addicting. And fun!


  1. Oh wow, what an awesome website! Thanks for that

  2. Annie, please send me an invite to pininterest.I need more addiction in my life.Yea!
    My e-mail address is
    Thanx Gail

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