Friday, January 14, 2011

Looking Forward to 2011

As mentioned in the last post, my quest for the numbers has had a limiting effect on my creativity.
So, in the coming year, I am thinking more about personal and professional development in several areas than I am about setting a money goal. (Not to completely ignore it, mind you. I love making money with my weaving as it pays me to keep going!)

Purple Diamond Guitar Strap Currently for Sale in my Etsy Shop

Here are some things I'd like to work on-

Skill development:
  • Sewing- to enable me to make purses and other things in which I can incorporate my woven straps
  • Product photography &  Photoshop for further editing
  • Exploring what my rigid heddle loom can make with  my help
  • New pattern techniques - Pebble weave and other sophisticated pickups 
  • Marketing expertise for online applications, craft shows, shops and ???? (what other ways?)

Display of Scarves, Sashes, Belts and such at the Art in the Garden Show, November 2010

Product development:

  • Bags and purses
  • Suspenders (need to design the leather tabs for attaching them to button pants)
  • Shoelaces (with solid tips that don't fall off)
  • Camera straps (attachments)
  • Dog collars and leashes (how to sew them on a machine so they are durable enough)
  • Jewelry ( I have ideas and materials for making cuff bracelets, but not the skill)
  • Yoga Strap
What's on the loom now- It's a pattern test piece for the bag strap you saw in the last post. Since it worked, I went on to finish the customer's piece and mine is still on the loom.

And here is a link for all of you who are thinking about setting goals for the year. My friend and fellow artist, Liz Crain, wrote this funny and thought-provoking blog post about Anti-goals.


  1. Oooh...the one on the loom now is beautiful!

  2. Oh I'm so impressed with your list of aspirations for the year. And equally impressed with that band on the loom. Just gorgeous.
    The other blog post was pretty darn cute and thought provoking. Thank you for the link!

  3. Thanks. I just cut this band off the loom today and am loving it. It may become a purse strap.

    Oh, and I added Yoga Strap to the product development list. Weaving is the easy part. Making it into something is harder. Often it is a matter of finding the right hardware or attachment pieces or whatever. If anyone knows where to find camera strap attachments like the ones that come on your basic Cannon camera strap, let me know.